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Now that the Olympics are over (BOO HOO!) and The World Championships are upon us, it is time for "PERIODIZATION", WHAT? Don't worry, that's just fancy sports talk for getting a master plan for the next competitive year. Having a game plan is something all athletes need ... elite or passionate. A Yearly Training Plan is very important, whether you write it down or have it in your head that's okay, but writing it down is a good idea.

Adult Ice Online is heading to the Vancouver ISU Competition on October 10th. Elina Viola will be competing in the Masters Elite Artistic Free Skate, Craig Finney will be coaching and I will meeting the competitors and SOCIALIZING, of course. I thought I should get a Yearly Training Plan together for our team as an example for anyone who wants to PEAK at the competition, like we do!

The plan is usually done in macro cycles of 4-6 weeks for training the aerobic or anaerobic energy systems. All that means is working out using air jogging, skipping, etc., or doing strength/power exercising without air (no puffing here). Micro cycles can be single weeks or daily training. These are good for light work out days, hard workout days and for rest or taking a week off for your daughter's wedding.

When I got my calendar out and started counting the six week macro cycles, I was shocked to find that if I started on Wednesday, April 18th there are only three six week cycles ending on Wednesday, September 26th, when I am planning for Elina to do her simulation of her artistic program ... WOW! Only 18 weeks total, WE BETTER GET CRACKING1

TO BE CONTINUED ... I am working on Elina's plan. I have called it The KISSS TRAINING PLAN, keep it SIMPLE SUPER STARS! When I have it finished, you can see what it looks like on a real person with an amazing real life like Elina, TTYL.

CORRECTION! I was working on the training plan for Elina and I was ecstatic to discover I had counted the weeks wrong, we have twenty four weeks to get ready for Vancouver ... THANK GOODNESS:}

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