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I am on a mission to help adult skaters with the most important spin in modern day skating ... the back spin!

I am going to come up with a way for adult skaters to do the back spin more easily, WHY? Because it is super hard and it is the foundation of rotating in the air and in a combination spin and it makes us more physically even in our muscle development and it can be very beautiful and exciting and, and, and ....

SO, how am I going to do that ... I am not sure yet but I am going to do it!

I think if adult skaters have access to working on a jump harness that would be a start. I love doing the back spin with skaters on the harness, it gives the skater "upward" support while balancing on the rocker of the blade at the same time that you are leaning into your baby toe, on the outside edge, all while doing tiny loop circles on the ice, when you close up your body position to increase rotation ... SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT THE BACK SPIN BEING REALLY HARD?

I have just added a Back Spin video to our library but I think it is going to be one of many back spin videos I will do. I also have a Back Pivot video in the library the is related to the back spin movements, check it out:}


Cheers, Linda

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