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  • Elina and I were talking ... something we girls never do:} We were talking about times in our lives when skating really did save us. Then I was thinking about the Elton John song, SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT, and I looked up why he wrote it, apparently after an attempted suicide, [I know this is going to be a bit heavy but hang on because I really want to express gratitude for being able to skate and have "skating", as part of my life]. Not just the act of skating it self but we feel so lucky to belong to the skating WORLD:} Elina is a little more pumped at times then I am but the other day I left the rink after practice a changed women. I went in the building dragging my "sorry ass", and came out smiling ready to take on the world we live in, politics, climate, family, money, fakers, realists, advertising, pot holes, heat, frost, jealousy, ETC. ETC. ETC... from the King & I:} Elina and I are going to share our top five list with you and let me tell you the list is very personal and real, except we were going to do our top ten list but that got super heavy:{ Here we go ... ELINA & LINDA'S SKATING SAVED OUR LIVES WHEN ... 1. My parents took six years to get divorced. 2. My best friend died at twenty three. 3. I thought I was going to get fired but landed two job offers instead. 4. I saved enough money to travel around the world. 5.Got my own divorce:}
  • Toller Cranston used to say "Just grin and show your teeth, that way everyone will think you are smiling at the same time suck in air so you can get through the program", if I am not aerobically fit enough I will take this advise from the great master. I think I have a good "air base", for the ISU Competition, in Oberstdorf Germany but is my mental game ready? Let's make a list ... 1. Positive self talk and reframing your "story" ... check:} 2. Visualizing & Imagery ... check:} 3. Contacting the relaxation response ... not always my strong suit:{ 4. The Zone/ to get in the Zone you must have a good combination of the Relaxation Response with Arousal or Energy, too much of one or the other and I will not feel I am in this great state ... sort of check:} 5. Goals/which should be time based, achievable, challenging, and written down ... check:} 6. Focus and concentration ... check:} 7. A Game Plan ... CHECK:} 8. Have More Fun ... this is not really in the manuals but I always felt it should be:} Well I think I have a Mental Game which is good because I cannot skate around with my head cut off! Elina and I will be reporting from Germany on our "Mental Experience", and we will be giving a full report on the fun we are having. Remember our secondary mission statement is ... COME FOR THE CONTENT ... STAY FOR THE PARTY!!! Cheers, Linda
  • Here is my description of the Axel jump ... this is the only jump in skating that takes off from a forward outside edge. It takes a bucket of courage to "hit" your pick and fly face first into space, rotate one and half revolutions and land on two-tenths of a centimetre of steel, all the while looking like six trillion bucks! Yes, this is the "king of jumps". The Norwegian Axel Paulsen invented the jump while doing exhibitions in Europe during the 1880s.This makes the Axel jump the oldest of the major free-skating jumps performed in competition today. Paulsen skated in speed skates and was known as the fastest human on blades. He used to "wow", the crowds with a barrel jumping stunt and it was while flying face first into space over the barrels, that he invented his signature jump. The Axel became the mainstay of competitive skating for men but women did not attempt it until the late 1920s. Dick Button was the first to do the double Axel in 1951 and Vern Taylor was the first to perform the triple Axel in the 1978 World Championships. Midori Ito and Tonya Harding lead the charge for the women doing the triple and if you are watching any skating on television today you know the rest of the story, boy those little girls are brave and fast! Most of us have been "enticed" by this crazy jump. It still delights and frustrates many a skater. I recommend everyone one use all the tricks of the trade when doing this jump ... off ice jumping, walk-throughs, visualization, extra padding, harness lessons, do everything to conquer this puppy:} We are releasing three videos this month on the Axel jump, I hope they are helpful. Remember ... Stay Strong, Stay Inspired and Stick to your Passions! SWING! Linda
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