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This is my first blog … EVER :}

Your kindness, positive energy, and support are greatly appreciated in advance; I will get better, I PROMISE!

The story of ADULTICEONLINE.COM (AIO) centers around how my new 'horse life' and my old 'skating life' collided. It all started because of my horse. I only started to learn to ride dressage as an adult, 40 to be exact. In the world of dressage those of us who are not “professionals”, or “ JR/YR”, are called “ADULT AMATEURS”. This title is not meant to be in anyway demeaning, rather it just describes adults who have become passionate horse people a little later in life … sound familiar?

After my long “skating life”, I felt I could now relate my experience as a new rider to

better understand what it must be like to be an Adult Skater. Indeed, my new found passion had come crashing into my aging process, GRRRRRRR!!! But I soldier on!

So, there I was, a seasoned professional skating coach, with these deep layers of knowledge in figure skating, and all of a sudden I felt like a new born child in my first few dressage lessons. It was through this experience that I felt inspired, and came full circle…and voila, AIO was born.

I want AIO to be a fun place for any skater to come for tips, I like to call them “ GOLDEN NUGGETS”; a place for good, clean, fun or just some reliable skating advice that can be used as a companion to anyone's real time lessons and practice sessions.

Much of what I've learned in my new 'horse life' has inspired the lessons, format and style of AIO, and you'll learn more about this marriage between worlds along the way.

This is going to be a fantastic journey … Welcome to AIO.COM

Cheers, Linda


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