PARTY LIKE IT'S 1988! Olympic Fever


Our first event, Retro Skate ’88 was great fun. Adult Skaters, my coaching friends, my husband's college room mate, and my power skating girls all joined in the fun skate at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Calgary, Canada.

Each of my guests were awarded an AIO GOLD MEDAL, (because you're all WINNERS!!!), not only as a special party favor but also so we could recognize each other on the giant oval … skating on a track is a little more spacious than our usual 100x200 ice stage :) However, the huge track did not stop Craig Finney from performing a step sequence or two; or maybe that was an excerpt from one of his new show programs? Show off!!

The rule on the oval track is to wear helmets (agghh) but that did not stop us, I wore my riding helmet and some brought their bike helmets. Val won the beauty contest in her fur headband made just for curlers to protect their brains from a possible crash.

Speaking of crashes, I have bought a CRASCHE! I noticed my students wearing these headbands so I thought I should try it out but I do want to say I am adding some BLING to mine to spice it up. I think we need to take the safety of our brains seriously, and if a few Swarovski Crystals eases my VANITY PAIN, so be it!