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OH MY GOSH! How can it be August already? Easy, we were busy with our lives ... school, kids, grandkids, vacation, work, socializing, and training. I was so enthusiastic in April when I was going to put Elina on a schedule and then our lives happened. Well, we have been training but not a beautifully as I planned.

Since my "yearly training plan", post lots has happened. Elina does have a program and an outfit, she is working out but she always does that, lucky for her. But I have also decided to "walk my talk", and enter the Vancouver competition, YIKES! I actually am a little ahead of Elina with my choreography and practice schedule but she is out doing me with the cross training thing, although my jumping rope is coming along.

We are busy getting the website ready to unveil in Vancouver along with our performances. This is making August a busy time for us but everyone in skating is always busy this month. Major training competitions are being held across North America for every level of skater. The youngest ones are trying to see if they will qualify for their competitive season and the international competitors are making sure they are ready for the Grand Prix competitions and the Adult Super Stars must be ready before everyone!

So, I have booked ice for a simulation for the Calgary competitors heading to Vancouver. We have room for 30-ish skaters if need be. I will video our performances, I hope we remember how to do it! Although I have been going to some dressage shows so I should be able to remember how to get in the zone!

More on the zone later:}

WISH US LUCK and the same to all you brave people, SWING!!!

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